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Following the trail Louis L’Amour blazed in western historical fiction genre  with his first western novel, Hondo (1953) he became an instant success. Raymond Cook began his journey as a fiction writer in 2011!


My name is Raymond Cook and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you 25 western     frontier eBooks that I’ve written. With that many books written you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I have been an independent author for 5 years. I hope visitors to this website will enjoy reading the eBook they selected.


From western romance, gunfighters, lawmen, ranchers, homesteaders, bounty     hunters, cattle rustlers, grizzly bears to Indian conflicts you’re sure to find an eBook that will keep you turning the pages. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the eBook you choose as much as I enjoyed writing it. For those of you who have read my eBooks, thank you for your support and if you haven’t become a fan yet I hope you will.


A Gunfighter's Promise!


-Book Review-

“Raymond Cook writes eBooks about as fast as I can read them. At last count he has twenty-two titles notched on his belt—all Western Romances. Bookreview.com           encourages you to look it over.” M. K. Turner, Bookreview.com

-Amazon Comment-

“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is         always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail, Amazon on July 29, 2015.

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#03 Death Rides On Three Horses! 4stars #05 Cheyenne's Destiny! #06 Death Followed The Marshal!4stars
#07 Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye! #08 On The Trail Of A Killer! #09 Sometimes Fate Can Be Very Cruel! Tales From A Small Town Sheriff
#11 Ambush On McClure Pass! #12 Unstoppable! #14 Sometimes Trouble Comes In Twos!
Who Abducted The U. S. Deputy Marshal's Granddaughter? #16 When The Hunted Becomes The Hunted! 17-Revenge-Is-A-Dish-Best-Served-Cold! #18 An Appointment With the Gallows!Book #18
#19 I Miss My Pa the Most! #20 A Journey Along the Oregon Trail! #22 He Was The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive!
#23 A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murderer!Book #23 #24 The Hunt For The Mountain Man! #25 Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary!

About the Author

I was born in Shelton, Washington and grew up as a child on an Indian reservation with my mother, brother and sister. In 1972, at the age of 18 I enlisted in the U. S. Marines. But in 1974, on the way back to my base, a drunk driver hit the car I was riding in head-on going 80. That accident changed my life forever. In 1983 I enrolled in college and by happenchance, took a creative writing class as an elective. At that time I had absolutely no interest in writing.


Favorite Authors:

Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Larry McMurtry, Laura Ingalls Wilder and James Fenimore Cooper.

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