Satisfaction Guarantee

To My Readers

The goal of every author is to write and edit the best book he or she can and leave the person who buys a book with the  feeling they enjoyed what they read.

That said, if someone majored in English or was a secretary for example,  that person will notice grammar mistakes other readers might not notice. This doesn’t mean I was careless with the proper use of grammar, but rather, I may have fallen short of writing the perfect eBook in someone’s mind.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee to my readers.

If after purchasing your eBook on Amazon… you weren’t 100% satisfied with the eBook you read, just e-mail me with the title and date of your purchase. Then REQUEST another eBook title and I will be happy to send the digital download to the e-mail address you give me at no cost.

An author should stand behind the books he writes even though not every reader may be satisfied with their book purchase.


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