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#08 On The Trail Of A Killer!On The Trail Of A Killer eBook #8

By Raymond Cook
©2012 (All Rights Reserved)
Word Count: 93,000 words
281 Pages


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This book is (off-line) so I can polish the grammar.

On The Trail Of A Killer ©2012 by Raymond Cook is a 286-page story about Robert and Faith Crawford who with their three children, Destiny, Chad, and Olivia traveled by covered wagon from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Marble, Colorado in 1897. Destiny was 18, Chad, 14 and her sister Olivia 10 when their parents bought a 160-acre homestead ranch near Carl and Cheyenne Jackson.

Robert and his family set out to turn their new ranch into a profitable garden       growing business providing fruits and vegetables to the ever-growing mining town of Marble. During those first two years, everyone got up before dawn and work didn’t end until dusk. But life was about to take a terrible turn for the Crawford family two years later after a huge grizzly bear drawn to a Ute Indian camp by the smell of a freshly killed deer, attacks the village.

Armed with only spears, tomahawks, and knives; men, women, and children’s screams echoed through the mountains. Two braves thrust their spears deep into the grizzly to no avail. In desperation, one brave shot his arrow into the side of the grizzly’s neck. The resulting infection turned into a huge boil which drove the grizzly insane with pain as he made his way through the mountains, killing everything that crossed his path.

A month later, the Crawford family is attacked in the middle of the night during a rainstorm, and everyone is killed except for Destiny, who jumped out her bedroom window and climbed a tree. Destiny vows to hunt down and kill the marauding      grizzly as she kneels down at the graves of her family. Months later; as Destiny rides toward a cabin seeking shelter; 4 mountain men see her and take to their horses to hunt her down. Knowing she’ll be captured or killed, Destiny realizes she must stand her ground and face the men hunting her.

November 15, 2018 Reader’s Favorite Book Review by Trudi LoPreto  

On The Trail Of A Killer is about the Crawford family who arrive in Marble, Colorado in the year 1897. They have left their home and friends from Wyoming behind and are planning to start a new life. The Crawford’s – Mom, Dad, Destiny, Chad and Olivia – arrive in their covered wagon with all of their belongings and are greeted warmly by the townspeople they meet. Within a few days of their     arrival, they buy a large ranch that needs some work. As they begin work on building their barn, pig and chicken enclosures, cleaning out the ranch house and plowing the ground, they are pleasantly       surprised when their neighbors come out to help. The Crawford’s are happy and enjoy their new life and new friends.


Tragedy soon strikes when the Crawford family is attacked by a very large and angry grizzly bear. Destiny is the only one to survive and she vows to track down the grizzly bear and kill it herself. As Destiny travels into the mountains, she is faced with life threatening            situations and also happiness before she finds the grizzly bear and gets the chance to start a new life.


On The Trail Of A Killer is a good book that the adventurous young adult reader will enjoy. I believe that this story is the perfect read for a yound adult reader. It is a wonderful picture of life in the old West during the 1890’s, with all of the hardships and none of the          conveniences we take so much for granted. Raymond Cook has       written this story with no sex, profanity or unnecessary violence. It is about love, family, friendship, endurance and the love of God. For those who enjoy reading about the old West, On The Trail Of A Killer would make a wonderful Christmas gift under the tree! 

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On The Trail Of A Killer is my newest 2012 emotion-filled western frontier eBook. This eBook was uploaded onto Amazon on August 15, 2012. I’ve made this comment       section so I can share with visitors to my website what  readers feel about this particular eBook. To share your comments too, just send me an e-mail:


5-Star Amazon Comment:  

  Samuel M. from Galt, California March 18, 2014

Good Lord! are the first two words that came to me long before I finished reading this awesome western book about a family murdered by a grizzly with two indian spears in his side and an arrow in his throat. How Destiny finds the courage to avenge her family’s deaths and hunt that grizzly down is hard to describe. How many of us today given the same tragedy would set off on horseback, “Looking for that grizzly?” Suspense, bravery, determination and a dramatic ending made me smile and give this book 5 stars.

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