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My names Raymond Cook. If you’re not familiar with my books, I write historical        fiction novels about Colorado in the 1890s. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you 33 eBooks I’ve written since 2011. With that many books written, you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I’ve been an independent author for 9 years. I hope visitors to my website will enjoy reading the eBook they purchase. Every author who has         multiple eBooks has a favorite he likes the most. My  favorite eBook is called, A Homesteading Family In Colorado.

My goal as a fiction writer is to breathe life into the characters of each book. Most of my eBooks can be read as a stand alone novel and many feature a strong female                protagonist. If you haven’t read one of my books yet, click on the Books Tab at the top of this page. Then, click on the book cover of your choice.

From a traditional western romance story to bounty hunters, wagon train       journeys, Native American wars, mountain men, orphan children, territorial penitentiaries, serial killers, brothels, grizzly bears, lawmen, cattle rustling to tough women hell bent on having justice, you’re sure to make one of my eBooks your favorite.

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“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is           always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail on July 29, 2015.

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About This eBook

A Homesteading Family In Colorado © 2019 by Raymond Cook is a story about Ronald Franklin, his wife, Saffron and their 9-year-old son, John in 1893. When the family arrived at Marble, Colorado coming from Independence, Missouri, Saffron     offered the people attending church something they hadn’t had in a long time, someone who could play the organ. The sound of hymns being played inside the church each Sunday morning was a welcome sound.

After Ronald bought ten acres of land at $1.25 per acre with a cabin, outhouse, horse shelter and several apple trees, he had to make some improvements to prepare for the coming winter. The cabin needed a new roof, a woodshed had to be built and enough firewood was needed to see the family through the six-month long winter. The horse shelter wasn’t walled in and that was a must to protect his horse and keep bales of hay dry.

With it being late August, no garden would be planted. So ample food had to be bought at the general store. This included quart, pint and half-pint sized jars of food, canned food and fresh vegetables. The couple would have to rely on each other to overcome each danger they faced. This is a story of love, strength, faith in the Lord, each other and a love for their son. But hardships can test a couples love for each other. When Ronald loses his leg to the knee chopping firewood, it’ll take every bit of strength Saffron has and that of her now ten-year-old son to get Ronald into town before he bleeds to death.

Life suddenly changes for the family as Saffron and her son take over tasks Ronald took for granted. Will the loss of his leg make Saffron over time give up on him and leave with her son? Or will love help them endure every hardship they could face and together, overcome the worst of tragedies?

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Amazon Customer August 29, 2019. As usual the author did not              disappoint. Totally enjoyed not only the story line but love the historical accuracy & the description of what & why things were used or done. It’s true that by half way through the book have really bonded with the characters & can’t wait to see how they will each handle the problems that arise.

5-Star Readers’ Favorite Book Review by K. C. Finn.

A Homesteading Family in Colorado is a work of pioneer fiction set on the western frontier and was penned by author Raymond Cook in his ongoing collection of heartfelt Western tales. In this mid-length novel of personal highs and lows, we are            introduced to Ronald Franklin and his small family during the very end of the nineteenth century. Moving from Illinois to Colorado provides a huge contrast in their lives, but Saffron is the first to find her place as a church organist. Ronald struggles to do his best to provide proper shelter and good food for his family come wintertime, but when an injury while using his ax causes him to lose his left leg, his wife has to step up and do what few women of the time were ever faced with.

It was a delight to return to the Western world of Raymond Cook, where the real toil of real people takes center stage over gunslinging and overexaggerated danger. I loved Saffron and Ronald’s tale of hardship and the bitter realities of what life in the 1890s meant for those whom accident and tragedy befell. The prose is detailed and historical, but also light and flowing to ease the reading experience, and Cook always leaves room for his characters to breathe and express themselves freely as their story unfolds. This is an emancipatory tale of the strength of women at a time when they were seen but not heard, and as such, I think it’s my favorite of all that I have read of Cook’s work. I would highly recommend A Homesteading Family in Colorado to       frontier fiction fans everywhere.

-Amazon Reader’s Comment-

August 8, 2019 by Catherine Wong. I loved this story of a small family venturing out from Missouri on the Oregon Trail in 1893 to Colorado. I enjoyed the character development of Ronald Franklin and his wife      Saffron and son John. You felt you knew them personally. The explanations on how a family in 1893 would choose a farmstead, and what tools, foods, furniture they would need to survive their first winter there in Colorado was fascinating.  Then the emotional trauma to the family when Ronald loses his leg was so clearly conveyed by the author that one felt they were present with the family through this trial. Great job Mr. Cook.   

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