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My names Raymond Cook. If you’re not familiar with my books, I write historical        fiction novels about Colorado in the 1890s. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you 34 eBooks I’ve written since 2011. With that many books written, you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I’ve been an independent author for 10 years. I hope        visitors to my website will enjoy reading the eBook they purchase. Every author who has multiple eBooks has a favorite he likes the most. My  favorite eBook is called,          Devastation Came To Paducah, Kentucky.

My goal as a fiction writer is to breathe life into the characters of each book. Most of my eBooks can be read as a stand alone novel and many feature a strong female           protagonist. If you haven’t read one of my books yet, click on the Books Tab at the top of this page. Then, click on the book cover of your choice.

From a traditional western romance story to bounty hunters, wagon train       journeys, a woman doctor, Native American wars, floods, mountain men,            orphan children, territorial penitentiaries, serial killers, brothels, grizzly bears, lawmen, cattle rustling to tough women hell bent on having justice, you’re sure to make one of my eBooks your favorite.

The Wagon Train Journey Across the Plains

“To endure such a journey… a man had to endure heat like a salamander, mud and water like a muskrat, dust like a toad and labor like a mule. He must learn to eat with his unwashed fingers, drink out of the same vessel as his horses, sleep on the ground when it rained and share his blanket with vermin. He must cease to think, except where he might find grass and water and a good camping place. It is hardship         without glory.” –Anonymous settler in the St. Joseph Gazette.

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“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is           always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail on July 29, 2015.

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About This eBook

Devastation Came To Paducah, Kentucky © 2019 by Raymond Cook is a 1877     western romance story about Michael and Catherine Woods who live in Paducah, Kentucky. When the Ohio River floods and wipes out the town, the couple are swept away by floodwaters and fighting for their lives. Both of them are injured and saved by a couple. After the governor of Kentucky compensates the 424 survivors for their losses, Catherine and her husband are determined to leave Kentucky. The couple moves to Independence, Missouri to join a wagon train headed for Colorado.

But first they have to save enough money for their covered wagon, horses and        provisions. On July 1, 1880, wagon master John Holmes and his six scouts take 46 families from Independence, Missouri across the Missouri River to Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and eventually Colorado. Among them are also a number of Chinese and colored families. But the journey they’re about to undertake will be fraught with    danger.

After steamboats get everyone across the Missouri River, families hoping for a chance to start a new life out west could face Indians, drought, dysentery, wagon wheels breaking, wildfires, dust storms that choked people and livestock to death,          drownings at river crossings, injuries, tornadoes, thunderstorms, rattlesnakes and highwaymen who had no mercy. Some families ran short of money or their livestock couldn’t go any further.

Those families would sell their covered wagon and get a parcel of land in the town they came to. The wagon master didn’t know among the families he’d leave               Independence with; were nine men who were former confederate soldiers and they resented colored families. After the soldiers start a brawl with a group of colored men, the fistfights turn to gunfire and it’s an all-out gun battle. Also, on the wagon train was Tessie Thompson Abell. She’d been a nurse during the flood in Paducah, Kentucky. She’ll do all she can to save the wounded men. Reverend Thomas Kincaid will be close by to comfort those dying.

5-Star Reader’s Favorite Review by K. C. Finn November 6, 2019 Devastation came to Paducah, Kentucky is another excellent western penned by prolific author          Raymond Cook, this time in the western romance sub-genre. Set in 1877, this         particular story of the tough times gone by takes us to meet Michael and Catherine Woods. When the Ohio River floods, this unlucky couple is swept away and badly     injured. When the couple is offered compensation, they decide to join a wagon train of families moving to Colorado for a fresh start. So begins an epic journey facing     nature’s worst foes as well as an internal conflict between families and races who are trying to travel together in peace.

One thing I adore about reading the works of Raymond Cook is the way that history comes alive among the pages and is really educational, but the story never feels like a lecture or textbook. There’s much to learn here about the diseases, wild weather and wild people whom ordinary folks had to face off against when traveling in 1880, so the plot twists and turns with fantastic drama, sorrow, and triumph. Yet amid     these hard-bitten realities of that time gone by, this is a romantic story about human fortitude and the determination to survive and thrive together. Cook brings realistic characters into his world whom you’d always root for and grow to love like your own family. Overall, Devastation Came To Paducah, Kentucky is a superb work for western readers and newcomers alike, packed with drama and an excellent atmosphere.

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5-Star Amazon Review by C. Brooks. Good book,            Characters who come alive, lots of adventure and            believable struggles! Mr. Cook invests a lot of detail into his characters and places. I always look forward to his next book.   

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