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My names Raymond Cook. If you’re not familiar with my books, I write historical        fiction novels about Independence, Missouri, Nauvoo, Illinois, Colorado, Texas,         Arizona, Kentucky, Wyoming and Montana in the 1890s. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you 35 eBooks I’ve written since 2011. With that many books written, you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I’ve been an independent author for 10 years. I hope visitors to my website will enjoy reading the eBook they purchase. Every       author who has multiple eBooks has a  favorite he likes the most. My favorite eBook is called, Devastation Came To Paducah, Kentucky.

My goal as a fiction writer is to breathe life into the characters of each book. Most of my eBooks can be read as a stand alone novel and many feature a strong female           protagonist. If you haven’t read one of my books yet, click on the Books Tab at the top of this page. Then, click on the book cover of your choice.

From a traditional western romance story to bounty hunters, wagon train       journeys, a woman doctor, Native American wars, floods, mountain men,            orphan children, territorial penitentiaries, serial killers, brothels, grizzly bears, lawmen, cattle rustling, hangings, stagecoach holdups, bank robbers,               kidnappings, homesteading to tough women hell bent on revenge, you’re sure to make one of my eBooks your favorite.

The Wagon Train Journey Across the Plains

“To endure such a journey… a man had to endure heat like a salamander, mud and water like a muskrat, dust like a toad and labor like a mule. He must learn to eat with his unwashed fingers, drink out of the same vessel as his horses, sleep on the ground when it rained and share his blanket with vermin. He must cease to think, except where he might find grass and water and a good camping place. It is hardship         without glory.” –Anonymous settler in the St. Joseph Gazette.

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“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is           always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail on July 29, 2015.

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About This eBook

She Was Feisty And Tough As Nails © 2020 is a western frontier story by      Raymond Cook. What someone does can seal their fate or change their    destiny. This is a western fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy westerns. The book starts off with two families living in Independence, Missouri in 1887 who are good friends. Chuck Heberling and his wife Maxine make a living from       selling vegetables from their garden. The extra vegetables are boxed and sold at the edge of town.

Frank and Gina Brown make their living from growing and selling dwarf    apple and cherry trees which produce fruit earlier than traditional trees. In 1890, the two couples join a wagon train and travel to Redstone, Colorado. They obtain an eighty-acre parcel with a cabin on it in the Crystal River    Valley outside of town.

After plowing a large garden, Frank and Chuck want to deter deer from coming to their garden during the night and eating the plants. After looking at several bulletin boards around town, they find a notice about a man    giving his dog away. When the man comes out to their farm, they like       Cinnamon, a ten-year-old blue heeler right away. But its a traumatic      goodbye for the old timer and his dog. But as time passes, the dog adjusts and the two couples love and spoil the dog.

Two years later, a smallpox epidemic hits Redstone. Maxine’s husband, Frank and Gina die. By no means was Maxine a helpless woman. She knew how to help deliver a calf, shoe her two horses, butcher venison, smoke a pig, work in the garden and can everything from vegetables to apples.      Determined not to give up and move into town, Maxine continues to live on her homestead fending for herself. This will prove dangerous as she faces Indians and mountain men riding toward her farm. The question is, will she meet a nice man and fall in love with him or live out her life as a widow?

 Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

She Was Feisty And Tough As Nails is a work of fiction in the western genre, and was penned by author Raymond Cook. Focusing on the difficulties and dangers of rural life in the late 1800s, this is a saga-style story that begins with promise before our central character endures a great hardship. Chuck and Maxine Herberling travel with their good friends Frank and Gina Brown via wagon train to Colorado, where the promise of a new plot of land awaits. But when disaster strikes and the fallout of the new plot is left to Maxine to handle all on her own, it will be a testament to one    woman’s determination to see if she can handle the heavy load.

One of the things I always enjoy about Raymond Cook’s westerns is the way that he writes about women. Maxine takes center stage in this tale of struggle, grief, and hardship, and she does it with such gusto and toughness that, despite some of the really harrowing circumstances of life in western times, there is a strong and uplifting atmosphere to the whole tale because of her strength. The attention to detail is also stellar in the way that farming of fruits and vegetables is explained, which brings a realism to the tale so fresh that you feel like you could pick a dwarf apple right off the tree. Overall, She Was Feisty And Tough As Nails is a superb work of fiction that is sure to suit all western fans from mature teens upwards.

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