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A Gunfighter’s Promise eBook #2

By Raymond Cook
© 2011 (All Rights Reserved)
233 Pages
Word Count: 75,000 words

About This eBook 

A Gunfighter’s Promise is a 233-page story about a gunfighter by the name of David Liley. At age 18, he left his mother, father, three brothers, and two sisters and set out on his own, relying on his gun hand to make a living and a reputation for himself. James and Elizabeth Liley were constantly worried news would come that David had been killed or was in some jail accused of murder.

But they also knew there was nothing they could do but pray he one day would come back home. Jim, Patrick, and his brother Curt ran a sawmill business with their father on their ranch just outside Marble, Colorado. Their sisters, Karen and Cheryl, helped their mother around the ranch, raising hogs and chickens, growing a huge garden and apple orchard which provided them additional income selling                  vegetables and fruit in town.

Shortly after David returns home; his father and brother Curt are ambushed and murdered. After the posse following the trail of the killers are found murdered;       David, Jim, and Patrick along with a neighbor; Sam Bates are deputized to hunt down their families killers. One day, when David stops an angry mountain man who is beating a woman to death, a gunfight ensues, and David has to kill him.

When David’s friend, Sam Bates is jumped by horse thieves and turns up missing,    David tracks the horse thieves to their camp after being jumped by a large cougar, and a gunfight ensues. David settles down to his new life as a husband, rancher after Pamela gives birth to his son. One day a gunfighter comes to Marble and confronts David in the street to find out who really is the fastest Gun. After that gunfight,  David must choose between his life as a gunfighter, and that of a husband, rancher, and   father.

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A Gunfighter’s Promise is an action-packed western frontier eBook. This eBook was uploaded onto Amazon on August 31, 2012. I’ve made this comment section so I can share with visitors to my website what readers feel about this particular eBook. To share your comments too, just go back up to the top of the page and click on the Contact Me tab.


Mary K. in Sebastian, FL. July 9, 2015

This story continues from “Was It Fate Or Destiny” introducing you to other inhabitants of the Crystal River Valley in Marble, Colorado. James & Elizabeth Liley travel from Independence, Missouri to take up residence just outside of Marble. They have six children, Jim, Curt, Patrick, David, Karen & Cheryl who all work on the family ranch. David has left becoming a gunfighter & after two years decides to hang up his gun & take his place beside his family running the ranch & saw mill. Early on as their father Jim & brother Curt are taking a load of lumber into Marble they are murdered. It’s up to the three remaining brothers and neighbor Sam Bates to find the killers.
I very much enjoyed the segment with Sam’s encounter with the Ute Indians.
This was an extremely clean book as all of Mr. Cook’s books have been so far & I would recommend them to anyone desiring a good western read. You are definitely encouraged to read these books according to the publish dates as it will give you the background of the town of Marble & it’s residents because otherwise it’s bit confusing. Love this author & he delivers a superb look at the old west.

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