A Marshal’s Destiny eBook #4

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A Marshal’s Destiny eBook #4

By Raymond Cook
© 2011 (All Rights Reserved)
272 Pages
Word Count: 88,000 words

About This eBook 

A Marshal’s Destiny by Raymond Cook is a 270-page story about a U. S. deputy    marshal by the name of Jacob Chaney. Jacob was a sheriff in the town of Marble, Colorado when a U. S. deputy marshal walked into his office and asked if he’d like to work for the marshal’s office in Denver. With the help of two former gunfighter’s,   David Liley and Annie Coulter, Jacob becomes a faster lawman and is sworn in as a deputy marshal. During his first year, Jacob was partnered up with a seasoned     deputy before being assigned to handle cases on his own.

After two years on his own, Jacob is sent to New Castle to investigate a series of gold shipment robberies from stagecoaches destined for the Denver Mint. However, along the way, he comes across a group of men getting ready to hang some Ute       Indians hunting deer, and he intervenes. During the shoot-out, Jacob is wounded and takes the only remaining injured Indian back to his village, where he meets a white woman also in their village.

After he fully recovers, he takes her to the town of Rifle and heads toward New Castle and comes across a widow’s ranch at dusk and asks to spend the night. But just after he puts his horse in the barn, several Shoshone Indians attack the ranch and Jacob is once again wounded. Roxanne O’Reilly & her three small children, Alexandra age 7, Matthew age 6 and Lauren, age 3 help him to recover and, Jacob and Roxanne fall in love.

By the time Jacob reaches New Castle, he tries to put the pieces of the puzzle            together to learn who is behind the stagecoach robberies. After a relentless attack at the bank, as the last of the gang are arrested and being transported back to Denver by train for trial, Jacob is almost killed during an escape attempt. Once back in     Denver, Jacob turns in his badge and sets out to be reunited back with Roxanne and her children.

Reader’s Favorite Book Review by Jo Wipf. As the fourth book in the series that     Raymond Cook has put together about pioneer life in Colorado, A Marshal’s destiny will entertain western lovers. A Marshal’s destiny is exciting as this young man pave his way through the wild west, defending those who have been wronged, cheated, and killed. Raymond Cook turns his character into a hero as he purges the town of thieves’ and killers. I enjoyed the plot and bits of humor throughout this action-packed novel again. Cook opens your eyes to a world where hesitation equals death. He created a town without law and the depths of the people would stoop to for a     little gold. I would recommend this novel to those who love a good, gun-slinging western tale.

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A Marshal’s Destiny is an action-packed western frontier eBook. This eBook was uploaded onto Amazon on January 31, 2013. I’ve made this comment section so I can share with visitors to my website what readers feel about this particular eBook. To share your comments too, just go back up to the top of the page and click on the Contact Me tab.

Edwin A. from Lodi, California. September 6, 2013

I loved the journey this author took me on. First with the Ute Indians to the widow and her 3 children and then onto the top of a mountain to solve the gold shipment robberies. However, I enjoyed most was the love that unfolded between the Marshal and Roxanne.

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