Unstoppable eBook #12

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Unstoppable eBook #12


By Raymond Cook
© 2013 (All Rights Reserved)
141 Pages
Word Count: 45,000 words

Author’s Note: This may not be my largest eBook but this book is packed with       suspense and action!

About This eBook 

 Unstoppable is a 141-page story about a 1,500 pound ferocious, cold blooded      grizzly bear that terrorizes ranchers and towns within a forty mile range of its          territory. When pioneer families crossed the plains they faced many dangers on their way out west. Starvation, lack of water, Indian attacks, cholera and small pox as well as the risk of their covered wagons tumbling off the side of a mountain side were all dangers in the back of their minds.

But nothing put the fear into someone more than the sight of a grizzly bear. Because of their massive size and sloping head, it was impossible to kill a charging grizzly head on. Nothing short of a well-placed 45-70 shell could kill the monster from a side shot. Even when Sam Bates, David and Patrick Liley, Henry Woods and former U. S. Deputy Marshal, Jacob Chaney set out to kill a huge grizzly on McClure Pass two years ago, it took them ten shots to kill that huge grizzly.

Grizzlies typically avoided encounters with humans. One exception was if someone came across a sow and her cubs. In that case she would charge and kill them. For reasons that will never be known, this massive grizzly chose to begin attacking       cattle, horses and family’s on ranches, not simply to feed but for satisfaction or vengeance perhaps. Many grizzlies aren’t killed when they’re shot with a 44, 45 or a 45-70 shell if the slug slams into the thick gristle on a grizzly, nor will it bleed. But it will make them very angry.

This 1,500 pound grizzly, turned man-killer standing 9 feet tall with 5 inch claws will have to be hunted down as the toll of death on livestock and humans rises. But even four mountain men hunting the grizzly in the mountains are no match as they will soon find out. Take a trip back into time when the west was the most dangerous place to live for a pioneer family.

Amazon Comments Section!

Unstoppable is an action-packed western frontier eBook. This eBook was         uploaded onto Amazon on March 18, 2013. I’ve made this comment section so I can share with visitors to my website what readers feel about this particular eBook. To share your comments too, just  go back up to the top of the page and click on the Contact Me tab.


5-Star comment by Samuel Merajado on March 17, 2014

And here I thought back in the pioneer days that homesteading families only had to worry about Indians, drought or bitter cold winters in Colorado! This huge grizzly put the fear into anything it crossed paths with. Even if I was a hunter which I’m not, I doubt if I would’ve stood a chance of stopping a grizzly bear from making me his lunch. This book isn’t as long as some of Mr. Cook’s other books I’ve read, but what he lacks quantity page wise is made up for in action packed reading.

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