20 (5-Star) Book Reviews


No author can write every novel and earn a 5-Star book review. He has to earn that rating by         bringing life to the characters in his novels,          engage the reader and make them root for the hero or heroine. I’m grateful to have 20 of my 34 novels receive a 5-Star rating from Reader’s Favorite.

5 Stars — Great! You would definitely buy this book. You would definitely                  recommend it to your friend’s. You really loved the character’s, the plot, and would consider looking for this author’s backlist of other books. The writing and editing were superb.

I invite you to take a moment after reading any of my western frontier tales, to go back to Amazon, click on Orders, and then look to your left to Digital Orders and leave a comment on the book you just read. Your comment doesn’t have to be a long one, just an honest one, so other’s will know what you liked about the book you read.

The list of titles below were read and reviewed by Reader’s Favorite book reviewer’s and they all received a 5-Star rating

Devastation Came To Paducah, Kentucky  eBook #34 2019 

A Homesteading Family In Colorado eBook #33 2019

The Railway Children Chronicles eBook #31 2018

A Journey To Colorado eBook #30 2018

An Orphan With A Destiny Book #29 2018

The Gunnison River Serial Killer eBook #27 2017  

The Hunt For Old Mose eBook #26 2017 

Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary eBook #25 2016

He Was The Only Thing Keeping Her Alive eBook #22 2015

I Miss My Pa The Most eBook #19 2015

It Was Fight or Die eBook #21 2014

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold eBook #17 2014

Who Abducted The U.S. Deputy Marshal’s Granddaughter? eBook #15 2013

Sometimes Trouble Comes In Two’s eBook #14 2013 

A Journey Along The Mormon Trail eBook #13 2013

Ambush On McClure Pass eBook #11 2014  

Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye eBook #9 2012

Sometimes Fate Can Be Very Cruel eBook #7 2012

Death Followed The U. S. Deputy Marshal eBook #6 2012

A Gunfighter’s Promise eBook #2 2011

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