Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye eBook #9

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Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye Book #9

By Raymond Cook
©2012 (All Rights Reserved)
Word Count: 60,000 words
183 Pages

About This eBook 

Can you remember the emotions you had as a child when your parents made the   decision to move out of town, out of-state or out of country? Now put yourself in fourteen year old Missy’s shoes and 4 year old Autumn’s as their parents load all their belongings into covered wagons leaving Independence, Missouri for Colorado          Territory?

Parents always know what the children can’t comprehend. Arnold and Bonnie Brown were had apprehensions about out rooting their two daughters from the only home they had ever known. Stories about Indians, cholera, smallpox, broken down          wagons, lost children and countless other dangers kept them up at night discussing the risks. After fifteen of struggling on this dry, unforgiving land with hot humid     summers, Arnold and Bonnie longed for the promised land of 160 acres with fresh water, herds of deer and lush green meadows for their girls to play in.

Almost to the end of the perilous journey, it’s a thief and a murderer named Eddie who becomes the Brown’s worst nightmare. Fourteen year old Missy is forced to shoot Eddie after he kills both her parents, beats her and is intent in harming her      little sister Autumn. After Missy is shot in the shoulder she grabs her sister and runs into the dense, unknown forest for protection and is forced scavenge for wild berries to keep them both from starving. Terrified of running into black bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes and maybe even grizzly, Missy holds on tight to Autumn’s hand.

Walking for days they finally come upon a road where a couple stopped their       buckboard and took them into town. The mayor and town council must decide who will adopt both girls. It was decided that Carl Jackson and his wife Cheyenne would take the girls into their home, offered love, comfort and a hope of healing from what they witnessed. Missy will always be over protective of Autumn who has a better chance of accepting the loss of her parents.

Loss of a loved one at any age is difficult, but loss of both parents at a young age cause the child to lose their compass. Life marches on for Missy and Autumn, but it is also hard and challenging as you will discover when you read this book. Kids grew up faster and tougher in many ways in those days. I invite you to read ‘Sometimes Fate Can Be Very Cruel’ and see what happens to these two young girls. If you have a      sibling that you are close to, you will understand the sister bond between Missy and Autumn. As you read you will see what life has in store for both girls. Can their sister bond they share ever be threatened or broken by time or even distance?

My 183-page Western Romance Story contains 13 chapters and over 60,000 words! So sit down and get ready to enjoy my newest book written in 2012! Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye  ©2012 by Raymond Cook (All Rights Reserved)
5-Star Reader’s Favorite Book Review by K. C. Finn October 31, 2018Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye is a work of American historical fiction by author Raymond Cook. This relatively quick read features a family of four traveling through Colorado in the grim time of 1897, when bandits, thieves, and murderers looked for opportunities to profit from others. Rancher Eddie Field does just that, tricking the poor family into taking a wrong turn to stay the night at his property. From here, fourteen-year-old older sister Missy is horrified when her parents are murdered, and she has to pick up a gun to save herself and her younger sibling, Autumn. Life really does change with a blink for these poor girls from then on.

I found this historical novella to be short, sharp and shocking in all the right ways. Raymond Cook really captures the dialogue of the era well, and I could hear the tone and malice in Eddie Field from the first time he           appeared on the page. The sisters were sweet characters, innocents thrown into the worst of times, and you could really feel for them as they went through the trauma at the ranch and then the fallout of being survivors. The story may have tragic roots, but there is still hope amongst the better folks of the town when the girls are orphaned. I’d be really interested to know more about where their lives go from there. Overall, Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye is a highly recommended read. 

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