Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold eBook #17

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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold eBook #17

By Raymond Cook
© 2014 (All Rights Reserved)
288 Pages
Word Count: 95,000 words

About This eBook 

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold is a 288 page story about a long-time feud           between two families outside Marble, Colorado in 1898. On one side were Frank Baker and his four grown sons, Jasper, Seth, Gerald and Bryant. Their neighbors Jess and Tamara Euland owned a cattle ranch beside a lake in a boxed end of a valley. Frank repeatedly offered Jess money if he could water his cattle at his lake but Jess didn’t like the Baker’s and refused.

One September morning Frank and his sons saw Jess and his wife outside             Campbell’s General Store. Both of them are shot in the back. Jess was killed and Frank and his sons fled Marble. Tamara was seriously wounded and it takes her months to recover. She vows to hunt down her husband’s killers clear to hell if she has to.  A circus comes to town in the spring and there’s a quick draw contest.      Tamara watches as a stranger draws and shoots as fast as lightning.

The man fast on the draw is none other than John Bull, a famous gunfighter. She pays the gunfighter to teach her how to be as fast with a gun as he is. By the time he’s taught her all he can, she’s as fast as lightning too and they go their separate ways. Now armed with a Colt 45 Peacemaker pistol and excellent shooting skills, Tamara sells her ranch and sets out on a journey to hunt down and find the five men her gun hand is itching to kill.

Hell would be a safer place for the men to hide than face the woman they believe is dead. But in her search, she’ll shed her own blood again and again before she finally faces the last two men she’s hunted so long for. But to her disappointment she sees her mentor, John Bull standing out in the street beside both men. Will Tamara out draw and kill the man who gave her the courage to avenge her husband’s        murder plus two other men? Order this eBook now and find out.

What The Book Reviewer’s Say…

“The author recreates the whole Wild Wild West            environment with excellent narratives. It does make a historical novel interesting.” San Francisco Book          Review

Reader’s 5-Star Book Review

November 27, 2018 Reader’s favorite 5-Star Book Review by       Divine Zape

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold by Raymond Cook is a novel with a powerful appeal to fans of Westerns, a story that follows a vendetta between two families, Jess and Tamara Euland, and Frank Baker and his four sons. The story is set against the backdrop of Marble, Colorado in the 1890s. Frank Baker lives with his four sons, Jasper, Seth, Gerald, and Bryant — and has repeatedly offered his neighbor, Jess, money if he could water his cattle at the lake on Jess’s land, but Jess has consistently refused; he doesn’t like the Bakers.

Then, one morning, Frank and his sons shoot Jess and his wife, Tamara outside Campbell’s General Store and ride away. Jess dies while his wife, is grievously wounded. It takes months for her to     recover and, once she does, she makes the decision to hunt her     husband’s killers. But first she must learn to shoot. The narrative    follows her journey as she learns from a gunslinger and moves out to pursue her husband’s killers. But does she have what it takes to bring them down?

Raymond Cook has crafted a story that is filled with emotion and     adventure, a narrative with Western themes. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed the way they are connected to the setting and the world they evolve in. While the protagonist is driven by a deep sense of revenge, readers find her actions justifiable and want to see what becomes of her at the end of the story. The conflict is powerful and it is introduced early in the narrative. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold has a dynamic setting.

It is filled with action. The pacing is fast and the character              developmental arc is beautifully handled. I enjoyed how Tamara quickly transforms herself from a docile woman into a bounty hunter. I also enjoyed the fact that the protagonist is a woman and seeing her evolve in a predominantly men’s world is exhilarating. She is your perfect image of a cowgirl. An exciting novel, indeed.

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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold is my newest action-packed western          frontier eBook. This eBook was uploaded onto Amazon on February 28, 2015. I’ve made this comment section so I can share with visitors to my website what readers feel about this particular eBook. To share your        comments too, just go back up to the top of the page and click on the Contact Me tab. 

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