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Thank you for visiting my author website. Feel free to wander around and browse. I hope you’ll find my books entertaining, exciting, and              inspiring.

My name’s Raymond Cook. If you’re not familiar with my books, I write historical    fiction novels about Colorado in the 1890’s. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you 29 eBooks I’ve written. With that many books written you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I’ve been an independent author for 8 years. I hope visitors to my website will enjoy reading the eBook they select. Every author who has multiple eBooks has a favorite he likes the most. My favorite eBook is An Orphan With A    Destiny.

My goal as a fiction writer is to breathe life into the characters of each book. Most of my novels can be read as a stand-alone. But in order to fully enjoy the supporting characters and their storylines, it is recommended that you read the books in order. If you feel a smile come across your face at the end of the book you just read , than the time I took to write it was well spent. For those of you who have read my eBooks, thank you for your support. If you haven’t become a fan yet I hope you will.

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“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is          always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail on July 29, 2015.

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About This eBook

An Orphan With A Destiny by Raymond Cook is a 197-page western frontier orphan story set in Marble, Colorado in 1891. Herbert Grant and his wife Grace get a 160-acre homestead in a valley. Three years later, their daughter Katelyn is born. In 1900, due to conflicts between settlers and Indians, Herbert took his family to town because of the threat of an attack. Four days later, three tribes attack the town and burn it down.

Many children have lost their parents and are orphans, including Katelyn, who’s now six. Traumatized and in shock, she can’t remember her parents or her name. The    orphans were taken to Redstone. A boarding house is converted into an orphanage and Katelyn is given the name Corin. Eight months later, a couple from Carbondale adopts Corin but they aren’t kind to her, and she runs away.

Corin joins the ranks of many other orphan boys and girls of all ages, struggling to find work, beg for money, find a place to sleep or pause to drink water from a water trough. A one-armed orphan girl named Debbie takes her under her wing. Years        later, Corin will watch her friend murdered, and she’s all alone again. An elderly woman named Mary Ellen Woods adopted Corin when she was ten, and she began to live a normal life. Before Corin’s eighteenth birthday though, Mary dies.

Mary’s dying wish was for Corin to return to Marble, try to find out who her parents were, and what her birth name was. The town’s sheriff helps her find out where her family once lived and her name, Katelyn Audrey Grant. After Katelyn returns to      Carbondale and steps off the train, she sees something odd. Not one orphan is seen on the street. She learns nine orphans have been murdered. She vows to use herself as bait, to lure the murderer out into the open. Without her knowing though, the     killer’s now stalking her to make her his next victim.

What will Katelyn’s fate be?

-5-Star Reader’s Favorite Book Review-

Readers Favorite Perfect Star

5-Star Reader’s Favorite Book Review January 25, 2018 by Ruffina Oserio“This is a story for readers who enjoy tales with great pathos woven into them, a well-crafted and cleverly plotted story. Apart from being the story of a young  orphan, An Orphan With A Destiny explores the dynamics of life in a small town,  capturing important historical elements and painting a powerful picture of the locale. Raymond Cook’s prose is also beautiful and delightful to read, filled with  interesting dialogues and   infused with humanity. It’s a character-driven,  entertaining story that will evoke all kinds of emotions in readers.”

Amazon 5-star comment….

Amazon comment from Emily C. February 26, 2018. What a joy it was for me to read An Orphan with a Destiny. The author has developed each character so well, I could identify with all of them. In particular, Katelyn’s sensitive loving nature, genuine concern for others, healthy values and sense of vision give her the courage and moral strength she needs to discover her own destiny. When I got to the last page, Katelyn had become as dear to me as my own daughter! I highly recommend this orphan story.


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I won’t replace Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey, but I’m very happy to write each eBook and offer it to you. 


From a traditional western romance story to bounty hunters, wagon train          journeys, Native American wars, mountain men, grizzly bears, lawmen, cattle rustling to tough women hell bent on having justice, you’re sure to make one of my eBooks your favorite.

Favorite Authors:

These authors have influenced what and how I write: Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey,    Larry McMurtry, Laura Ingalls Wilder and James Fenimore Cooper.

Thanks to all of you who buy, read and comment on my eBooks. If you would like to send me a message, feel free to send me an e-mail.