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My 25 stories are the closest you can get to the Old West without a time  machine!

My name is Raymond Cook and it’s my pleasure to introduce to you 25 western     frontier eBooks that I’ve written. With that many books written you know the ‘Spirit of the west’ lives within me. I like to incorporate authentic places, events and strong   characters who engage the reader in to increase your reading                  enjoyment. You’re sure to find an eBook that will keep you turning the pages. I am a member of Romance Writers of America.

Romance writers of America is a nonprofit trade association, with a membership of over 10,000 romance writers, and industry related professionals whose mission is to advance the professional interests of career focused romance writers through      networking and advocacy. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book you choose as much as I enjoyed writing it. For those of you who have read my books, thank you for your support and if you haven’t become a fan yet I hope you will. Please bookmark my website and check back often.

I have numbered my 25 eBooks so if a reader chooses, they can read them in sequence. Feel free to sit back,    relax, and let me take you on a journey back in time. Happy reading!


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“Raymond Cook writes eBooks about as fast as I can read them. At last count he has twenty-two titles notched on his belt—all Western Romances. Bookreview.com encourages you to look it over.” M. K. Turner, Bookreview.com

“Mr. Cook is a very promising up & coming writer of westerns & his story line is           always extremely interesting.” Mary Jane Kail, Amazon on July 29, 2015.

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Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary! Book #25

Book Cover #25Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary!
by Raymond Cook
© 2016 (All Rights Reserved)
Page Length: 288
Word Count: 93,000

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About This Book!

Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary! © 2016 by Raymond Cook is a 288 page (Light Erotic Content) story about Frank and Martha Hoosier who traveled from Nauvoo, Illinois on the Mormon trail to Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1901. But the        following spring Frank dies in her arms in the middle of the street from two stray shots by a drunk man. Martha is devastated. The land agent takes the land back and now she’s homeless. After her money runs out she begins stealing food from stores in town to survive.

Desperate to leave Rock Springs Martha robs a man in an alley and ends up killing him. She’s charged with murder and taken by train to the federal courthouse office in Green River, 18 miles west for trial. A federal judge Martha sentences her to two years in the Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary. There were thirty cells for women and none of them had running water or toilets. Martha’s mattress would be thin and she would only have two blankets and a pillow.

The women worked in the broom factory during the day, ate their meals together; otherwise they lived alone in their cells. Worst of all, none of the women convicts were allowed visitors or correspondence. This allowed the ruthless warden and his guards to rape them at will. Compliance was quickly gained through beatings,      starvation, abuse and isolation.

After a month of rapes and beatings the warden offers Martha a chance to live in his house outside the penitentiary cooking, cleaning and providing sex to just him. At 55 years old, six feet tall and weighing close to 300 pounds, being his sex slave and not living in her cell was the lesser of two evils. Ten days later Martha leads a riot in which the warden and prison guards were killed.

The women inmates set fire to the cabinet containing the records of who they were and the towns they lived in before being sentenced to prison. The women flee and have to start their lives over and choose a new name to live under. Three days after everyone’s escape someone going out to the prison finds the warden and all the guards dead and alerts the U. S. marshal’s office.

Notice: This book contains (light Erotic Content)

Amazon 5 star comment…By Cold Coffee Café on September 6, 2016

Escape From A Territorial Penitentiary by Raymond Cook is a western tale dated in the early 1900’s. A well written, time period researched drama brings the characters, dialog and story to life on the page. The women convicts were allowed to eat            together but weren’t allowed visitors or correspondence. They endured                     unimaginable abuse from the warden and his guards.

Like any caged animal, human beings revolt at some point. Martha summoned up the courage to lead a riot and becomes the leader of these women. They must        escape, change their names, start over in a distant town, staying hidden and not break the law. I invite to read this book and learn about the Wild, Wild West from Martha Hoosier’s tragic life situation. Find out what it’s like to homestead in the Wild West and what happens if a woman became homeless in the 1900’s. What will         become of Martha and her friends after they break out of the penitentiary? Will     Martha or any of the escapees get caught, and would they hang a woman?

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A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murder!
Book #23

Book Cover #23A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murderer!
by Raymond Cook
© 2016 (All Rights Reserved)
Page Length: 227
Word Count: 74,000

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Notice: This book contains (Explicit) steamy romance with heavy sex, strong lust, intense passion and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

About This Book

“A Brothel, A Beauty And A Murderer! © 2016 by Raymond Cook is a 227 page   (Explicit Sexual Content) story about a 1899 gold mining town in Colorado called Silverton. With 40 gold and silver mines both large and small there were 20 men for every woman. 30 saloons and brothels catered to miners thirst and need for a      woman for an hour. Brothels and parlor houses were allowed within the Blair          District which consisted of four square blocks.

The Blair House on Blair Street was one of the town’s fanciest brothels. Only wealthy men came to Jewel Fanny’s parlor house. By keeping a low profile and discreet      customers the madame avoided unwanted attention from the sheriff or her         neighbors. Her parlor house was a very profitable business. Jewel hired only the most beautiful and willing women. One of Annabelle Bradford’s regular customers was Greg Townsend, a very rich businessman.

When he left the brothel a short time later he bumped into a couple coming out of a general store with packages. All three people fell to the ground. After apologies and no harm done, everyone went their separate ways. Greg didn’t know the woman had stolen his wallet with thousands of dollars in it. When he realized his wallet was missing he thought Annabelle stole it. He returned to the brothel with a gun in his hand.

When he walked through the front door he shot and killed the bouncer and some of the women. He searched the brothel but in the melee Annabelle escaped down the back stairs. After finding where her ranch was, Greg tied her to a railroad tie. Camped nearby though is Henry Grant, an injured bounty hunter. He was shot by a wanted man he was trailing. When he heard her screams Henry saves her life.          Annabelle hires him after he heals to take her to Garnet, Montana where Greg fled to after selling his six saloons.

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The Hunt For The Mountain Man! Book #24

Book Cover #24

The Hunt For The Mountain Man!
by Raymond Cook
© 2016 (All Rights Reserved)
Page Length: 248
Word Count: 75,000

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About This Book

The Hunt For The Mountain Man! © 2016 by Raymond Cook. In the fall of 1900,    facing starvation, 400 Shoshone, Sioux and Paiute Indians attacked the town of    Marble, Colorado and nearby ranches. They sought to drive out the settlers and take back their lands. When the battle was over, the town burned for days and hundreds of men, women and children were killed.

When news of the attack got back to Fort Collins that the Indians had also killed 240 soldiers, 80 railroad workers, Colonel Brooks notified Washington. Governor Charles S. Thomas also requested immediate help from President William McKinley.           President McKinley decided that with it being almost winter that nothing could be done until spring. Settlers were evacuated to nearby towns.

President McKinley ordered Colonel Brooks to relocate his soldiers to Marble and    establish a 400 man permanent fort there come spring. After the fort is built, settlers and businesses slowly return to Marble. Governor Charles S. Thomas and other       dignitaries travel by train to Marble on September 1st, 1900 to commemorate the opening of the fort and railroad station linking Redstone to Marble. Providing          protection for the governor and other dignitaries were four U. S. deputy marshals.

But four mountain men hiding in the distance plan to kill the governor. A fur trapper named, ‘Wolf Killer’ would fire the fatal shot. The men were concealed near an alley within view of the train platform. As Wolf Killer fired what he thought would be a head shot to the governor, deputy marshal David Colby inadvertently moved. The bullet meant for the governor, killed David instead. As everyone lay down on the platform, all hell broke loose.

The four mountain men then open fired on soldiers and bystanders, trying to kill as many people as they could. Then they fled up Schofield Pass to a remote trading post. A bloody shoot-out at the trading post leaves all but one mountain man dead. The dying man told a deputy marshal the four men they came for fled to trappers lodge on Twin Sisters Mountain.

When word of the attack on the governor and the death of deputy marshal Colby reached Denver, U. S. Marshal Robert Sampson wanted the mountain men captured and held for trial or killed. He assigns a deputy marshal to hunt the killers down. But in order to track down the mountain men, deputy marshal William Gracey must first locate a band of Indians near Marble and make a deal with them. The lawman needs an Indian scout who can help him find the trappers lodge on Twin Sisters Mountain where the mountain men fled.

Amazon Comment on August 1, 2016 by Lawrence A. Reynolds. “I have read       several of Raymond Cook’s books. They are all good reads. I plan on reading several more of his books.”

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About the Author

I was born in Shelton, Washington and grew up as a child on an Indian reservation with my mother, brother and sister. In 1972, at the age of 18 I enlisted in the U. S. Marines. But in 1974, on the way back to my base, a drunk driver hit the car I was riding in head-on going 80. That accident changed my life forever. In 1983 I enrolled in college and by happenchance, took a creative writing class as an elective. At that time I had absolutely no interest in writing.




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